Safety and technology

Beds manufactured by our company meet the safety requirements of European standards
EN 716-1: 1995 and EN 716-2: 1995.

Furniture also meet safety standards - EN 1727: 1998.
Chests meet the requirements of European standard EN 12221-1:1995, EN 12221-2:1995.

The materials used in production, such as MDF, HDF laminated chipboard have safety certificates and meet the standards of hygiene class E1.

Coatings used in the manufacture of our products are safe for your child:
-  have the hygienic certificates of National Institute of Hygiene,
-  meet the requirements of European standard EN 71-3: 1994,concerning the content of
   harmful and heavy metals.

Modern production technology guarantees the safety of use, high quality and durability.