About Us

    WILROBI Sp. of o.o [Ltd.] cooperates with many reputable trading companies operating in many countries across Europe and rapidly developing, and holding the leading market position in their industry. This result is achieved through the use of modern technology, qualified personnel and high-quality offered products and services. The activities of the companies in the related industries can provide customers with the materials to completely arrange the interior by using charming collection of children's furniture and decorative articles, fireplaces.

    The success of our products lies in creating patterns corresponding in the form to the modern lifestyle. The basis of each model is not only design, but also knowledge of technology and still gained experience. Paying much attention to each detail, carefully selecting the materials of the highest quality at each stage of creating a new model, we were able to create the product which complies with the precepts of sustainable development. We are open to new ideas. We try not to limit ourselves, because development is an important process for us, the search for new ideas and perspectives.
During development, we pay special attention to individuality and personal style of the designer. Aware of the role of diversity we create collections of various designers. We have already worked with Hans Daalder and Hans van der Ven and Walther den Exter.

     WILROBI furniture is eco-products in which manufacture natural, harmless to health materials are used. It means that every material and component used by the company in the production process and used technologies meet all environmental requirements. All furniture and fireplaces in the offer have the required approvals and comply with the standards in force in the European Union.