Dekoracyjny kominek bezkominowy

Dekoracyjny kominek bezkominowyA flueless decorative fireplace by Ruby Fires is the perfect choice for anyone who wants the ambience and atmosphere of a real fireplace, but likes things the easy way. Every flueless fire place within our extensive collection produces a very realistic flame pattern, but it is a hearth without outlet. This means that you can easily move one of our flueless decorative fireplaces around and install it basically anywhere. After all, a chimney is not required and – in contrast to flueless gas fireplaces – you’re not dependent on a gas supply either.

Every Top Flame flueless hearth by Ruby Fires is an electric flueless fireplace. All you need is a socket to plug it in. In addition, we provide safe and easy flueless decorative fireplaces that use bio ethanol, the environmentally friendly fuel of the future. No matter which of our flueless hearths you choose, the possibilities are almost endless. Our surrounds and inserts come in a variety of styles, colours and materials. By combining them you can create a personalized flueless decorative fireplace that can compete with any flueless gas fireplace out there and is much easier to use.

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