Wkład bioetanolowy

 Our insert using bio ethanol: the bio burner that outshines all other eco fireplacesThe patented Bio Flame by Ruby Fires is a revolutionary insert using bio ethanol as fuel. Our Bio Flame is tested on usage, emissions of harmful substances and warmth issuing. Therefore our patented Bio Flame has a Tüv GS certification. It stands out amongst other hearths on bio fuels because this ethanol fire place is made of a unique ceramic material that absorbs the bioethanol fluid. Therefore it doesn’t use the pure liquid but gradually burns the harmless gas that escapes. The result is a safe bio ethanol hearth that is easy to ignite and offers a beautiful and constant flame pattern. Moreover, the Bio Flame is a bio alcohol fireplace that offers great flexibility. It can be combined with practically every surround fireplace within our extensive collection and can also be placed within existing fireplaces. The smaller Ruby hearth models can be installed in the bathroom as well. What could be more romantic than enjoying one of our stylish ethanol stoves while taking a bath? The Bio Flame, our safe and revolutionary insert on ethanol, makes it possible.

The Bio Flame bio ethanol hearth: the next generation of bio ethanol inserts

The Bio Flame bio ethanol hearth by Ruby Fires is the bio ethanol decorative fireplace of the future. Bio ethanol for fireplaces is the latest trend, because this fuel is very friendly to the environment. This Bio Flame is tested on the emissions of harmful substances. Moreover, Ruby’s revolutionary ethanol hearth is also very safe, easy to use and burns the bioethanol so efficiently that there is no need for a flue. This means that you can place it almost anywhere you want. Furthermore, you can combine one of our bio ethanol burners with most surround hearth models from our collection. Just like our inserts using electrical power, our bio ethanol hearths are primarily meant to bring atmosphere to your home. Thus, the Bio Flame bio hearth should be used for decorative purposes. This handy bio ethanol stove can provide additional heat, though, and has a heating capacity that is comparable to our inserts on electric power. For the optimum combination of atmosphere, safety and additional warmth, the choice is clear: a bio ethanol hearth from Ruby fires.