Safety of use is particularly important for children’s furniture, which is why ours are made only of solid, ecological and health-safe materials that guarantee durability and comfortable, long-term use.


Our team has been one of the greatest assets of WILROBI since 2009. For years we have been gaining experience in design, production and delivery of various types of furniture and fireplaces to customers across Europe.


Our guiding principle is, above all, continuous improvement. We are always open to new ideas and constantly keep an eye on changing trends and expand our design portfolio to ensure we stay at the forefront of the industry.


Our advanced machine park lets us run our own production, in which we use innovative technologies, including industrial designs and patented proprietary utility models.


We manufacture each of our products of solid, ecological and health-safe materials that guarantee durability and comfortable, long-term use.


Our location in Poland means we’re at the very heart of Europe, which is an invaluable asset in terms of logistics processes and allows smooth, timely and cost-effective deliveries.


Our extensive range of furniture and fireplaces is the result of years of work of our design department. We also co-created several lines with many well-known designers, such as Hans Daalder, Walther den Exter or Hans van der Ven.

Welcome to WilrobiWe have been designing and producing ecological fireplaces and furniture for over a decade.

As a result of the project, one product innovation was introduced to the company’s offer and to the target market, which is the result of the implemented process innovation and the implemented results of R&D works.

As a result of the project and as a result of commercialization and implementation of the results of R&D works related to the concept of an innovative connection that allows joining elements of cabinet furniture made of MDF, HDF, plywood, chipboard or wood by the end user without the use of tools or with their minimal participation, introduced on A new product has been introduced to the regional, domestic and foreign market: box furniture (including children’s furniture and dummy fireplaces), which is characterized by high aesthetics due to the external invisibility of connections, ease of assembly by the end user. Designed and validated in laboratory and industrial conditions, the sliding-strut connections are characterized by high rigidity and strength, while ensuring high rigidity and strength to the furniture bodies. They have a high aesthetic value because they are invisible from the outside in the furniture. In addition, they allow the assembly of furniture without the use of tools by the end user.

EKO box furniture was also introduced, made of ecological boards (eco-innovation of the product) – EKO children’s furniture and EKO fireplace dummy with the use of an innovative sliding-strut connection, made of ecological material EKO MDF/HDF boards, which contain reduced content of chemical compounds (formaldehydes).