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Classic Furniture

For those who desire a more traditional fit for their home decor, our range of classic furniture is the perfect choice. Made from eco-friendly and health safe materials, they not only add a stylish touch to the room, but are bound to last for a long time.

description of classic series furniture

The furniture and fireplaces we produce are made only of solid, ecological and health-safe materials that guarantee durability and comfortable, long-term use. We use, inter alia, friendly
wood-based materials, such as MDF boards or chipboards, which we finish with ecological varnishes to ensure adequate durability. The entire process of manufacturing furniture, from the supply of raw materials to finishing, is constantly monitored and is carried out with great precision and accuracy. Our products are subjected to detailed quality tests to make sure that we provide our customers with products that meet the highest requirements and applicable standards.



One of the most important production methods we use is CNC technology. It is known and widely used in the woodworking industry due to the possibility of quick and precise shaping of elements. Our well-equipped machine park uses CNC machines of the highest technical level to enable efficient and accurate execution of entrusted orders, regardless of dimensions or quantity.



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The basis of our furniture are MDF boards, which are durable and ecological. We subject them to detailed quality tests at every stage of implementation to ensure the highest quality of our furniture.

The most commonly used technology is the industry-wide CNC technology, which we use with the use of advanced machines.

Our technology and experience allow us to make furniture of various dimensions, thanks to which we can produce custom-made furniture under its brand.

exemplary classic furniture from the offer

As a result of the project, one product innovation was introduced to the company’s offer and to the target market, which is the result of the implemented process innovation and the implemented results of R&D works.

As a result of the project and as a result of commercialization and implementation of the results of R&D works related to the concept of an innovative connection that allows joining elements of cabinet furniture made of MDF, HDF, plywood, chipboard or wood by the end user without the use of tools or with their minimal participation, introduced on A new product has been introduced to the regional, domestic and foreign market: box furniture (including children’s furniture and dummy fireplaces), which is characterized by high aesthetics due to the external invisibility of connections, ease of assembly by the end user. Designed and validated in laboratory and industrial conditions, the sliding-strut connections are characterized by high rigidity and strength, while ensuring high rigidity and strength to the furniture bodies. They have a high aesthetic value because they are invisible from the outside in the furniture. In addition, they allow the assembly of furniture without the use of tools by the end user.

EKO box furniture was also introduced, made of ecological boards (eco-innovation of the product) – EKO children’s furniture and EKO fireplace dummy with the use of an innovative sliding-strut connection, made of ecological material EKO MDF/HDF boards, which contain reduced content of chemical compounds (formaldehydes).